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One of our clients recently had a DOL audit. Among other things, the auditor was specifically looking at all fees associated with the plan. He was interested in confirming that the Plan Sponsor both understood the magnitude of fees AND the services provided for the fees. Read more...

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Jun03Who Needs Uncle Sam?
By Louis S. Harvey, CEO Dalbar, Inc. on Jun 03, 2013

Most proposals to solve the retirement crisis involves massive intervention by the Federal Government. But this is neither practical or necessary. The Government debt has crippled its ability to fund tax incentives... and data proves that tax incentives are not the main drivers of retirement savings. Here is a practical and profitable way to address the problem of insufficient retirement savings. 

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Dec18Win, Win, Win ... A Better 401(k) Plan
By Louis S. Harvey, CEO Dalbar, Inc. on Dec 18, 2012

Can regulation or lower fees or higher fees or riskier investments or lower risk produce better plans?

Perhaps not, we need action that benefits everyone.

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Nov07Disclosure Transparency Deadline Looms
By Louis S. Harvey, CEO Dalbar, Inc. on Nov 07, 2012


An overwhelming array of service providers have taken advantage of the offer for a free transparency analysis of their 408(b)(2) plan disclosure. They report that they found valuable insights in both the strengths and weaknesses identified in the analyses.
But all good things eventually must end and November 14th will end this offer. Submissions may be made after the deadline but they come at a price of $1,500 each and they will not be included in the results published in the January issue of Research Magazine.
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