Decision Support Services

Consulting services that draw from Dalbar's experience, expertise and research to:

  • make the best choices,
  • be compliant,
  • lower costs,
  • support advisers and
  • retain clients.

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Registered Fiduciary (RF™) Self-study and Registration

The Registered Fiduciary (RF™) certification identifies financial professionals that have met the necessary requirements to serve in the important role of a fiduciary. RF™ certified professionals are identified as having met the highest fiduciary standard in the financial industry. The RF™ certification is continuously being updated to reflect the most recent regulatory, marketplace and technology changes.

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Certifications of compliance for plan sponsors and service providers

Certifications of the quality and compliance with fee disclosure regulations are granted after successful evaluations. Certifications are an independent opinion that plan sponsors and service providers use best practices to comply with new regulations.

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Fee Disclosure Expert

Fee Disclosure Experts (FDE) are specifically trained vetted and qualified professionals who can offer services that assist plan sponsors to conduct the prudent process of evaluation required by new regulations.

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